Decrease Your Carbon Footprint !

8 Rules of the Eco Friendly Diet

   1. Eat simply.
   2. Choose organic.
   3. Buy local.
   4. Go vegetarian or vegan.
   5. Try some “alternative” foods.
   6. Grow it yourself.
   7. Make it yourself.
   8. Give thanks.


Who We Are

Ethical Farms.org is a developing non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Free-Range, Cruelty Free and Organic Animal Farming. We feature companies that take additional steps to implement humane animal treatment.

These smaller, family style farms promote humane alternatives to animal abuse, and we hope that some day, ethical farms will replace our current factory farms. We can all work together to take steps to end animal cruelty.


The Problem

Animal mistreatment is  already illegal for the most part, and we can make a difference to put a stop to it. The largest US factory farms refuse to uphold humane USDA and OSHA standards, having profusely unsanitary conditions and animal rights violations.

In 1958, the US government composed the Humane Slaughter Act that is not enforced. Everyday, animals endure mass torture, abuse and live mutilation without any conscience from the part of the producers, for the suffering these animals endure. more info>


Ethical Farms News

Fmr. Senator Wayne Allard gives Ethical Farms a vote of confidence!


Senator Allard was a Veterinarian before he became a Senator, and supports our cause.

Since our campaign began in 2007, the USDA has taken steps to revise the Humane Slaughter Act, but little or no enforcement has occurred.

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The Solution

We believe that there is a moderate, sustainable way for humans to consume a lesser quantity of well produced, higher grade animal products. Through growing public awareness, believe that we represent a civilized nation who does not condone mass factory farm abuse. We know that animals have highly developed feelings and are sensitive to pain.

The cruelty inflicted upon them is not essential and can be stopped.  We invite everyone to take part in our campaign. You can help to stop factory farm abuse both personally and politically, so lets get started! more info>