Our Mission


Ethical Farms.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cruelty free, Free-Range and Organic Animal Farming. We feature companies that take additional steps to implement humane animal treatment. These smaller, family farms promote humane alternatives to animal abuse.

Most US factory farms refuse to uphold humane USDA and OSHA standards. This is illegal according to the Humane Slaughter Act, having profusely unsanitary conditions and animal rights violations, including everyday mass torture and live mutilation. Animal mistreatment is already illegal for the most part, and we can make a difference to put a stop to it.

We believe that there is a moderate, sustainable way for humans to consume a lesser quantity of animal products, and through growing public awareness, believe that we represent a civilized nation who does not condone mass factory farm abuse. We invite everyone to take part in our campaign. With the current growing social awareness, this is the perfect time to help to stop factory farm abuse, once and for all.


If you are a cruelty free, (free range) ethical, commercial farm who upholds a strict standard of animal treatment, we invite to to become part of our community. It is our aspiration to eventually phase out altogether public demand for commercial factory farming products, and put severe pressure on them to change their current practices of mass abuse.

With the increasing growth of heath food chains such as Whole Foods market and Wild Oats Markets, and changes the Burger King has made by not-supporting unethical suppliers, public awareness of free-range alternatives is increasing.

If you are a grocery retailer, and would like more information about offering Cruelty Free, Organic and Free range meats, or if you would like to volunteer to create public awareness or write letters, please contact us. Together, we can all work to increase the quality of life for farm animals.


D.M. Boiani-Sandberg