Are there really any "Ethical" Meat Farms?

There is no perfect solution to the question of how to eradicate animal suffering. The consumption of animals causes their loss of life, as well as takes a huge environmental toll in order to raise and produce meat.

Even Farms who operate with the intention to minimize Animal Cruelty have many instances of suffering, and ultimately, most free-range animals are brought to the same commercial slaughterhouses at their end of life.1 We have to be careful of the use of "Natural," Family Farms," "Organic" or "Free Range" meats, as oftentimes, there are little or no regulations, and meats simply labeled that for marketing purposes. (1)From Go Veg.org- more info>

These slaughterhouses are responsible for the worst breeches of Animal Rights, for example, it often occurs that the initial stun to cause brain damage to minimize pain, misses the cows head as they are going through the processing machine, resulting in flesh being cut from their bodies while they are still alive. This cruelty and carelessness is what we can do something about. 2 (2) more info>

We believe in the Buddhist concept of "the Middle Way." If we attempt to be extreme in our position, that Humans should no longer eat animals, we believe that our campaign will be unreasonable. The aspiration is that we take all possible precautions to minimize Animal suffering, and complete eradicate the grossest instances of torture, as exampled above. We believe that this vision is attainable, if we all get involved. We are working to confirm that these "Humane" farms are actually implementing humane methods, and diligently putting pressure on the USDA to uphold and increase its already existing standards.


Here is a List of Farms Claiming to be "Free Range," "Organic" or "Humane." We have not yet confirmed these Farms Practices, and do not formally support or make any claims to this effect, but do encourage you to consider purchasing meat exclusively from Humane farms.

We used a resource called Humane Farm Animal Care to find these farms, so please read more about them below.3 If you have any feedback, questions or more information, please contact us .

3 All Informational Links courtesy of  Certified Humane.org