How to Help


One Person Can Make an Impact

We *can* make a difference. We are inspired by our sister activists who are, every day making changes to eradicate animal suffering. A great example was the Swedish Writer (Pippi Longstocking) and activist, Astrid Lindgren. In 1988, Astrid, single-handedly, through writing and public awareness of animal cruelty, Lobbied the Swedish government to pass a powerful humane animal treatment bill into law.
Also, the famous Dr. Temple Grandin, an autistic woman instigated significant changes to factory farming. For more info:

Humane Factory Farming

Q: Are you a vegetarian?
Dr. Temple Grandin: No, I’m not a vegetarian. I feel that we can eat meat ethically, but we’ve got to give animals a decent life. Of our farm animals, beef — when they are raised right — have the best life. There are some problems with some of the intensely raised animals like pigs. There are things that still need to be corrected. When I first got involved with laying hens, they were jammed in the cases so tight they were all on top of each other. They couldn’t even lay down at night. It was really terrible.

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Step 1. Write a Letter

Please contact your Congressman and request that he/she take steps to implement USDA animal treatment standards. We have a downloadable letter for you to print here:

Our you can write your own. Email correspondence to your Senator works well to. We have found that you “catch more flies with honey,” and though the nature of the material we are discussing can evoke emotions and anger, it is most helpful for you to be courteous and professional in all letters to congress-people. For more info:

Send a Letter to the USDA and urge them to uphold the Humane Slaughter Act. Here is an easy to use, printable letter:

Step. 2. Support Ethical Farms

Recently, Burger King implemented Humane Animal Treatment standards from their Poultry Suppliers, and stopped purchasing from factories that had excessive instances of abuse. You too can purchase meats exclusively from Humane Farms, and support businesses that also do. For more info:

Step 3. Donate Time or Money!

If you would like to offer a donation to our cause, please send funds directly to us via PayPal. We will reply with a receipt. We hope to acquire a Non-Profit Status soon, and with your generous donation, this will be possible.

We also could use promotional help. If you would like to donate time as a volunteer, send your request and professional expertise to:

Another way to help is to include Ethical Farms in your Will or Trust.